Botanical name: Leucophyta brownii

Common Name: Cushion Bush

Height: 0.5m – 1m

Width: 0.5m – 1.2m

Light: Full sun

Growth rate: Medium

Soil: Can tolerate sandier soils and clay if water is able to drain away.

Flowers: Yellow

Origin: South Australian Coast



Leucophyta brownii is one of our favourite shrubs due to its striking silver foliage and versatile shape. It is ideal for coastal gardens as it can grow in sandier soils and is able to withstand salt and wind. However, it can also be used in other contexts too. Its incredible silver foliage can create a fantastic contrast with other plants and be clipped and shaped into clouds and balls. It also looks impressive if allowed to grow wild into less formal shapes.


Pruning every six months will help keep its shape – avoid cutting back too hard to woody material as it does not respond well. This plant will suffer if the soil is too damp, causing sections to blacken and rot. To prevent this, be careful not to overwater them once they are established and ensure soil allows water to drain away.


Keeping these few things mind, Leucophyta brownii is a hardy plant that can survive even if neglected and is an excellent addition to any garden.

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