These clients were wanting to have an area that functioned as a backyard retreat, outdoor entertaining space for their guests as well as still allowing them to park cars without them dominating the space. We achieved this by blocking off the car spaces with a batten fence and large sliding gate for ease of access, thereby allowing the car space to serve as extra entertaining space if required. To accomodate guests, we designed a large decked area with bench seating options and a large retractable umbrella to protect from the elements.

With all the hard elements it was important to soften the space using grass, steppers and some garden beds with a lush cool coloured planting palette. As the clients were extremely busy with work and other commitments, it was important for them to have a low-maintenance garden retained its good looks. We specified predominantly succulents and chose composite timber for the decking, screen and bench seats as it does not require oiling. The colour has not faded over time and has retained its aesthetic vibrance.

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